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What Aloha Construction Stands for, Its Functions, and More

Construction is an important part of living, as every person needs shelter to live long, healthy lives. Without people to construct homes from scratch, repair minor fixes, and better deal with storm damage, we certainly wouldn’t live in the nice homes we’re fortunate enough to inhabit today and learn more about Aloha construction.

Aloha Construction is – as its name implies – a remodeling and construction company that focuses on repairing homes, sheds, and buildings following damage inflicted by the elements. Located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction performs services across the entirety of Illinois and the southernmost portion of Wisconsin, providing top-notch rebuilding and remodeling efforts to people in these two states.

Throughout its 84 years of operation, Aloha Construction has combined for more than eighteen thousand projects – that’s 18,000 – with materials totaling in excess of 15,000,000 square feet of shingles, including more than 7,100,000 square feet of vinyl siding, both of which fly off like crazy during storms. Thanks to Aloha Construction, its many patrons’ homes have been restored to their former selves, rather than dealing with the emotional, financial, and physical damage associated with homes getting damaged from not-so-good ol’ mother nature and more information click here.

Every single one of Aloha Construction’s roofing team members is bonded, meaning they’re covered in the event of personal injury, home damage, and other accidents. They’re also privy to using Aloha Construction’s nine-step system for identifying problems and evaluating finished work, something that few construction companies offer to their patrons. Siding and gutter contractors are both licensed and insured, furthering the potential of Aloha Construction.

Dave Farbaky is the CEO and President of Aloha Construction, an heir to the first person who founded the Aloha Construction over eight years ago. He’s intimately involved with giveaways and fundraisers for people in need of finished products, commodities, and other goods through the Dan Farbaky Foundation, a nonprofit and Aloha Construction’s lacrosse camp.

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