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Scrambling for ideas to plan your next party, here they are!

You have been thumbing through the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living to find decorating tips for the party you are planning, but are drawing blanks. What do you do next? Read on to find out simple and easy tips to get you on your way.


What you’ll need to do first is get organized. Every party planner has a notebook and pen, and their smartphone in tow. You’ll need a guest list, food list, decoration, list, you get the picture. The more you have on paper, the less you will forget and you’ll have less headaches along the way. The very next step is to send out invites to your guests. Put a little effort into them, so guests can drum up excitement. This will get them plenty of time to respond. When it comes to food and decor for your party, keep it simple and stress-free with low key items. Appetizers are easy to make, and people love them. Fresh linen and a vibrant centerpiece will attract guests, but won’t break the bank and your peaceful state of mind.


Create a fun cocktail for the night. You can get inspiration from your favorite magazine and add a fancy name to it. Serve it to guests and see how they like it. With your signature cocktail, offer your friends and family a self-serve bar area. Everyone gets what they want and you don’t have to spend your whole night pouring wine every 5 minutes. This way you can enjoy all the hard work you put into the party and chat with guests. Send your friends home with a thoughtful party favor. It’s a thank you for coming sort of thing.


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