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How Fabletics has positioned itself in the Online Fashion Industry

Fabletics is one of the most reputable e-commerce companies in the United States. The firm’s expertise is in the retailing of athleisure wear products through a subscription plan that currently has millions of loyal clients. Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson and Techstyle, which is its mother company. The athleisure wear firm has been growing fast since its inception in 2013 despite facing stiff competition bigger companies such as Amazon. The company has managed to offer the best activewear products by considering the opinions that are given by clients. The current annual growth rate of the enterprise is more than 35 percent, and it has made a revenue of more than $250 million over the past four years.


The reputation of the firm has grown in the industry due to the positive online remarks that it receives from the public. Fabletics has designed its subscription plan to be very convenient, and this has made it quite popular. The quality of activewear and after sells services that it provides have enabled it to retain the loyalty of the clients. The enterprise has been striving to make customized products that are fashionable, comfortable, and affordable to many people. Studies that were conducted recently show that firms that are successful in different sectors have websites that allow clients to read and write remarks about their products. The opinions that are offered by consumers are very transparent, and therefore, people can depend on them to get the correct information about a specific brand. Most shoppers prefer buying products from brands that have developed an outstanding online reputation.


The profitability and success of a business are significantly influenced by its online reputation. Studies indicate that crowdsourced reviews are greatly trusted by more than 80 percent of the consumer population. The comments are mostly regarded as personal recommendations by the people who read them. Many people believe in online reviews compared to the traditional advertisements that are done by companies. Fabletics has a client return ration of more than 85 percent. It also receives a significant number of customers due to referrals. The company has substantially capitalized on its relationships with clients to become successful. The activewear firm is committed to customizing product according to the style and taste of each of its customers.


The current rating of Fabletics in most of the search engines is outstanding due to the reviews that it receives from clients. This enables the firm to appear first when anyone looks for information about it on the internet. Information that is offered by most review websites portrays Fabletics as a reputable company that cares for the needs of all consumers. The marketing strategies of Fabletics are overseen by Kate Hudson who has been the face of the firm from the time it was founded. Hudson interacts with the company’s clients through short advertisement clips that she makes with her phone. Under her leadership, the enterprise has established over 30 brick and mortar stores that have played a great role in increasing its accessibility.

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